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Solve Winter Sewer Repair with Trenchless Technology

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Cold weather is officially here in Glenview, IL, which means that the ground becomes frozen and the whole notion of digging up your yard becomes too difficult to contemplate. Unfortunately, treating a problem with your sewer line used to mean dealing with it regardless, or at least it used to. A sewer breach in the dead of winter was one of the more serious issues a homeowner could confront, and digging through that dirt to get to the problem meant days of work and considerable expenses. But recently, all those issues have become a thing of the past. The advent of trenchless technology means that you can solve sewer repair much more readily, even in the winter when cold weather and freezing ground makes it all so difficult. Here’s a quick look at how it all works.

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Schedule Water Heater Maintenance Today!

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

With cold weather here in Glenview, IL and only expected to get worse, you need hot water for your home to be more reliable than ever. The last thing you need is a water heater that can’t do the job, or worse: one that suffers a serious problem right when you need it the most. The best thing you can do to prevent such a problem is schedule a water heater maintenance session today. Not only will it allow your technician to spot a potential problem before it gets started, but will provide numerous other benefits designed to lower your bills and extend the life of your system. Here’s a quick look at some of the specifics.

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Things to Consider When Installing a Sump Pump

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Sump pumps work to prevent flooding and flood damage in your home. A trained technician installs them in your basement or similar spot, where water accrues. The pump then pulls the water into itself and ejects it out of your home via a pipe. That helps keep your household dry during heavy rains, and can do a great deal to help your insurance costs and other expenses in addition to serving as a safeguard against flood damage. Residents of Glenview, IL can take comfort in its ability to protect their homes in an emergency. But once you’ve made the decision to install a sump pump, there’s a few things you need to consider before the process begins:

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3 Repair Issues Faced by Tankless Water Heaters

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Tankless water heaters are a viable alternative to more traditional models, heating the water directly as it travels towards your faucet or shower head. It offers many advantages, including lower operating costs and a never-ending supply of hot water so you’ll never run out. But like any other system, they can run into problems from time to time, and as fall turns to winter here in Glenview, IL, you’ll need to keep an eye out for such trouble. Here are 3 common repair issues faced by tankless water heaters.

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3 Problems Cause by High Water Pressure

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

The pipes we use in modern plumbing have benefited from improved technology, and aren’t subject to corrosion and wear the way pipes were even just a few years ago. That being said, high pressure in your pipes is still a problem that needs addressing. Pipes here in Glenview, IL can comfortably withstand about 80 psi worth of pressure, and higher pressure for short periods of time won’t bother it. If your water pressure is consistently higher, however, it could constitute a big problem. The good news is that you can use a pressure gauge – cheaply purchased at any hardware store – to check on it yourself, and contact a plumber to install a pressure reducing valve in your plumbing system. But it helps to understand the reasons for doing so. Here are 3 problems caused by high water pressure:

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3 Signs of Drain Trouble

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

The plumbing system in your home services two vital purposes. The first is bringing in clean water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. The second is removing used wastewater from your home and into the larger civic sewer system here in Glenview, IL. Most people tend to focus on the first half of that equation, but when the second half runs into trouble – when your drain system isn’t working the way it should – it can present an active health risk to your family. Trained plumbers can deal with a clogged or otherwise faulty drain system, but before you can summon them, you need to notice that your system is in distress. Here are 3 signs of drain trouble to watch out for.

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