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3 Problems Cause by High Water Pressure

The pipes we use in modern plumbing have benefited from improved technology, and aren’t subject to corrosion and wear the way pipes were even just a few years ago. That being said, high pressure in your pipes is still a problem that needs addressing. Pipes here in Glenview, IL can comfortably withstand about 80 psi worth of pressure, and higher pressure for short periods of time won’t bother it. If your water pressure is consistently higher, however, it could constitute a big problem. The good news is that you can use a pressure gauge – cheaply purchased at any hardware store – to check on it yourself, and contact a plumber to install a pressure reducing valve in your plumbing system. But it helps to understand the reasons for doing so. Here are 3 problems caused by high water pressure:

1.     Increased Chances of a Breach

Burst pipes are enough of a risk in the winter without adding to the problem. A burst pipe can result in a great deal of damage to your home, as well as creating a huge mess in a hard-to-reach-are like your crawlspace. High pressure can strike at parts of the pipe that are weaker and more corroded than others, making an already bad problem much worse.

2.     Damage to Outlets

High pressure in the water won’t just affect the pipes. It will also affect your fixtures like your faucets and shower heads: increasing the chances of one or more of them breaking down and shortening their lifespan overall. Lowering the pressure spares you that headache.

3.     More Money

High pressure means wasted water, even if there isn’t any overt damage occurs. More water comes out of your taps, which means higher monthly bills and more water than you need.

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