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3 Signs of Drain Trouble

The plumbing system in your home services two vital purposes. The first is bringing in clean water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. The second is removing used wastewater from your home and into the larger civic sewer system here in Glenview, IL. Most people tend to focus on the first half of that equation, but when the second half runs into trouble – when your drain system isn’t working the way it should – it can present an active health risk to your family. Trained plumbers can deal with a clogged or otherwise faulty drain system, but before you can summon them, you need to notice that your system is in distress. Here are 3 signs of drain trouble to watch out for.

Puddles or Back-ups

A back-up – a drain that simply refuses to, well, drain – is an obvious sign that something is wrong, either because the drain itself has become clogged, or because roots have infiltrated the system and gummed up the works, You should also look for puddles and signs of leaking water where they shouldn’t be, which indicates a leak somewhere in the drain pipes.

Strange Noises

When water has to move past blockages in the drain pipes, or there’s leaks and similar issues plaguing the system, it can create some very odd noises. Gurgles, drips flowing water, and even hums and groans can all indicate trouble, which would require a repair service to address.


Wastewater can contain all manner of contaminants which you need out of your home. Some of those contaminants can cause unusual smells, as can the sources of a clog in the drains or similar issues. If there’s a weird smell emanating from your pipes and it doesn’t go away, you may want to call in some help.

Reliance Plumbing is standing by to handle drain issues of all varieties!

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