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Rain Water Damage in Glenview, IL

Flooding remains one of the most common natural disasters in the United States—causing $2.7 billion in losses between 2001 and 2010, and Glenview, IL is no exception. Unfortunately, many homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover this type of disaster, leaving homeowners throughout our community in a lurch.

There are, however, ways to protect your home and the property that surrounds it from the worst of rain water damage and other types of flooding. What you need to have in place is a flood control system, professionally installed by the plumbers at Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc..

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Rain Water Damage Solutions

The best solution to rain water damage is preventing it before it occurs, with the right flood control system. This could include the installation of quality gutter drains, the addition of window wells to your home, and/or a rain catching system.

Window Wells: These are semi–circular excavation components that surround your basement windows. They’re usually constructed from solid barrier comprised of a sturdy material like corrugated galvanized metal, masonry, plastic, or pressure treated wood. Window wells prevent water infiltration into your basement and are an excellent addition to your yard drainage system.

Rain Catching: Also referred to as rain harvesting, rain catching systems connect downspouts (gutter drains) to a central water tank capable of holding a high amount of water. This technology has been around for hundreds of years and is an efficient way to prevent rain water damage and recycle water.

Yard flooding doesn’t have to happen when you have the right systems in place. Contact our team today and learn more about flood control and how we can help you protect your Glenview, IL home and property. 

Basement Flood Control: The basement is one of the areas of the home most susceptible to flooding during even moderate rainstorms. Make sure that you don’t come down the stairs one morning to find your basement has become a lake! We provide a full range of basement flood control solutions, so you can rest easy during even heavy storms. Keep your basement dry! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians. 

Preventing and Treating Yard Flooding

It’s hard, if not impossible, to rid your home of floodwaters when the yard surrounding it is also submerged in water. This is where a professionally installed yard drainage system comes in. Also referred to as French drains, drain trenches, or drain troughs, these systems are installed in the lowest spot of your yard, and serve as a drainage pipe through which the water from your backyard can drain toward the street and into the storm drain.

The most important thing to remember about having a yard drainage system installed on your Glenview, IL property is that it must be done so according to local government codes and regulations. It must be designed in a fashion that water drainage doesn’t cause problems somewhere else once it’s exhumed from your yard. Fortunately, you don’t have to be concerned with this when you work with our team.

What Causes Yard Drainage Problems?

You may find that even with minor rainy conditions, your yard gets flooded to the point that it creates problems. Most of these issues are caused by either rain water building up near your gutter drains downspouts, soggy areas in the yard, a stream of water flowing to a low spot, or a combination of these issues.

In addition to the installation of a quality yard drain, our team will repair downspout issues, work with you to correct the slope of the ground near your foundation, and speak with you regarding other potential yard drain solutions.