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Water Line Repair and Replacement in Glenview, IL

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How is your home supposed to get the water it requires without a competently functioning water line? If you’re encountering any trouble receiving freshwater, then be sure to call Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. for local water line repair and replacement. We can handle anything you throw our way!

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We repair leaking water lines, as well as replace entire water line systems that aren’t working anymore. Let’s start by discussing what your needs are.

Contact Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. for a reliable water line repair or replacement in Glenview, IL. Rely on Reliance!


Common Issues with the Water Line

The water line is incredibly important to your day-to-day life, and you will find that if your water line goes, then so does your plumbing system and all of the various conveniences that it brings into your household, from hot water for cleaning to being able to flush the toilet. Only a hands-on diagnosis of your water line will lead to a solution, but there are some common water line problems to look out for.

  • Tree roots. Tree roots are stronger than you might think. One of the most frequent causes of water line issues comes from tree root penetration. This not only leads to cracks and leaks in the pipe itself, but it also interferes with water pressure, which can lead to other issues within the home.
  • Old pipes. Depending on the age of your home, you may want to have your water line inspected to see if it’s in decent shape. We can help you determine the age of your water line, and then help you negotiate the decision between repair and replacement.

How to Tell You Need Water Line Replacement

If you live in an older house (built pre-1970) you may have a water line constructed of galvanized steel or even cast iron. These materials are prone to corrosion over time and will probably soon require replacement. There are a number of signs to watch for that may indicate a decaying water line in need of professional attention:

  • Drop in water pressure: If you detect a decline in water pressure all around the house, it often indicates that the water line is suffering from large or multiple leaks.
  • Water pooling on the lawn: When you discover a damp section on the lawn that didn’t come from the rain or sprinklers, it may be coming from leaking in the water line below.
  • Water discoloration from the tap: Both corrosion and breaks along the water line can lead to a brownish–red discoloration getting into the freshwater supply.
  • High water bills: If you’ve noticed an enormous rise in your water costs for which you can’t account, there is a significant leak somewhere, and it might be in the water line.
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