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Glenview, IL Repiping Services

Leaky pipes are among the most common plumbing problems in the country. Everyone is going to have a leak develop somewhere in their system every once in a while. Most of the time, all it takes is a quick seal to return your plumbing system to its proper operation. However, there are times when no amount of sealant can save your plumbing pipes. When situations like those arise, it’s time for repiping. Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. offers comprehensive repiping services. No matter what condition your plumbing system is in, we can take care of it for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. provides repiping services near Glenview, IL and the surrounding areas.

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When is Repiping Necessary?

Since copper piping became the plumbing of choice in the mid–twentieth century, most people have gone their entire lives without having to worry about repiping. This is because copper is highly resilient to corrosion, which is why it became popular as a plumbing material in the first place. This doesn’t mean copper is invincible, however, and it doesn’t mean that older homes aren’t still vulnerable to rust.

There are many homes across the country that still use iron pipes today, which were the standard material before copper came into its own. Though iron pipes can last up to 100 years, they will eventually rust to the point of rupturing. When you start experiencing multiple ruptures in your plumbing system, it’s a good sign that your house needs to be repiped. In fact, if you still have iron pipes it’s a good idea to have them replaced now. That way, you’ll probably never have to worry about your new copper plumbing failing on you.

We Offer Pipe Inspection throughout the Glenview, IL area

The best way to tell if you need repiping is to have your plumbing inspected at least once a year. Not only does this allow your plumber to evaluate the health of your system, but it provides an opportunity to isolate any problems that may be developing as well. Plumbing issues are difficult to detect because they often occur without obvious symptoms. You probably aren’t going to notice a problem with your plumbing until it progresses to the point where it is already causing quite a bit of damage. By that point, it is much more likely that you’ll need to have major work done on your plumbing system, including repiping.

Don’t just assume that because you’ve never had plumbing problems before, or because you have copper piping, that you’ll never have to get it replaced. Ideally, a plumber will be able to identify a failing plumbing system before it starts having major issues. That way, you can have the entire system replaced ahead of time without having to go through the hassle of paying for unnecessary and costly repairs. Vigilance and proactivity are the best tools you have for keeping your plumbing in good condition.

If you haven’t had your plumbing inspected in a while, call Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc..