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Commercial Garbage Disposals in Chicago, IL by Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc.

Do you have a commercial kitchen in need of some additional equipment? Whether you operate a café, restaurant or cafeteria, all aspects of your commercial plumbing system can truly make or break your business. As a leading provider of plumbing services we are here to take care of your every need. We specialize in a wide range of commercial garbage disposals for installation, and we can make certain that your system is appropriately installed, and also that it works well for many years to come. We offer exceptional repair and maintenance as well, in the event that your system is no longer functioning just as it ought to.

You may think of the garbage disposal unit as a mere accessory, and it’s certainly not the most essential part of your plumbing system. Yet, when professionally installed and serviced, it offers a number of benefits to the business owner. Speak to our friendly staff today to learn more about what kinds of disposal systems we offer. And remember, you can always rely on us to come fix yours. Contact us today to schedule an appointment

For outstanding commercial plumbing services in Chicago, IL, call the experts at Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc..

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How Commercial Garbage Disposals Work

A commercial garbage disposal unit is not all that different than a residential unit. It is a cylindrical device that attaches to the bottom of the sink unit. When it turns on, the motor creates a centrifugal force that pulls down organic debris into the chamber, where it is ground to a paste by means of a serrated wheel. As you can imagine, there are lots of different makes and models, but that’s the basic process. But your disposal unit will simply not work properly unless it is installed correctly. The best way to be sure of that is to hire a pro. We employ several!

Benefits of the Commercial Sink Disposal System

A commercial garbage disposer offers many benefits to the business owner. Whether you run a deli, convenience store, restaurant or hotel, it adds an additional level of functionality to your kitchen. For one, you’ll be able to prevent clogs stemming from large debris entering the drain pipe. This can happen frequently despite the presence of a food stopper.

Moreover, you’ll be cutting down significantly on the amount of food waste that you have to pay to dispose of. As anyone in the food service industry knows, this can be a lot, and anything that you can do to reduce that amount is beneficial. Want to learn more? Give us a call.

We Install and Service Garbage Disposal Units for Businesses

Not only can we make sure that your garbage disposal unit is installed carefully, but we can also make sure it operates reliably for many years to come. We can inspect your entire commercial plumbing system (including the garbage disposal unit) as part of a routine plan. Or we can just inspect, clean and tune–up your disposal unit along with your grease trap. Contact Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. today to learn more about our many commercial plumbing products and services, including the garbage disposal.