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Serving the Northshore and Northwest Chicagoland Area

24/7 Emergency Service Available

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We’re available by phone 24/7 for emergency service. Call 847-583-1858 for immediate assistance.

Membership Program

For under $0.65 a day you can Rely on Reliance to protect your most valuable asset, "Your home". The average home owner calls a plumber 2 times a year. Don't waste your time and money again! You called us in the past and you will probably call us again.

Here is how you can save money and be proactive with a low monthly fee. By signing up with the Reliance Plumbing Shield Membership Program, you get discounts, preferred scheduling, 10 point Home Shield Inspection and other great deals listed below. Rely on Reliance to help keep your Plumbing running efficiently and problem free.

Membership Benefits

  • Preferred Scheduling "Priceless"
  • 15% Discount on all Sewer Repairs
  • 10% Discount on all Plumbing Repairs
  • No After–Hours or Emergency Service Charge.
  • One 10 point Home Shield Plumbing Inspection.
  • One Free Service of Flood Control.
  • One Video Inspection of Sewer Line.
  • 1 gallon of drain cleaner or Root Killer.
  • Upgrade on Plumbing and Sewer Warranties.

Shield Membership Savings

  1. When your basement is flooding or your pipe burst and you need a plumber ASAP! Shield Members will be moved to the front of the list
  2. The average labor cost of a sewer repair is $1,800.00. With the 15% Shield Membership discount you woold save $270.00*
  3. The average labor cost of a plumbing repair is $450.00. With the 10% Shield Membership discount you would save $45.00**
  4. Our After Hour or Emergency Service Charge is $195.00. With the Shield Membership you would pay nothing. $195.00 in savings
  5. We will inspect your home with the 10 Point Shield Home Inspection, or refer us to your family and friends for a free inspection. $155.00 in savings
  6. For our flood control customers we will service the system with our 10 Point Shield Flood Control inspection
  7. We will Video Inspect your sewer line to ensure your drain is running efficiently and problem free
  8. One gallon of concentrated Professional strength Pro Clean Drain Cleaner with up to 64 treatments to help prevent clogs
  9. Upgrades on Warranties will be 6 months to 5 years depending on repair. "Best Warranty in the Business"

* Maximum savings of $800. 00

**Maximum savings of $500.00