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Glenview, IL Slab Leak Services

Few plumbing issues are as nasty as a slab leak, especially if it’s not caught in time. A slab leak is what happens when a pipe that is installed in the slab foundation of your house springs a leak. It tends to happen with hot water pipes more than cold, and can be extremely difficult to detect and fix. As it does tend to happen with hot water pipes much more than cold water ones, one of the warning signs that you might have a slab leak is if your water heater starts running all the time.

That means that your plumbing system is leaking hot water, and your water heater is constantly working to replace it. Another sign is if you start noticing water coming up through the concrete and into your basement. Finally, if you notice that your water bill suddenly spikes up to multiple times its normal cost, you probably have a slab leak. Though slab leaks can be quite a pain, you don’t have to deal with them on your own. Call Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. today to schedule an appointment if you think you may have a slab leak.

Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. provides slab leak services near Glenview, IL and the surrounding areas.

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We Offer Slab Leak Detection Services

The first step to finding a slab leak is to check the water meter. If nothing in your house is using water, your water meter should not be running. If the water meter is still running, that means that there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing. After we’ve determined that a leak exists in your plumbing, the next step is to try and isolate the location of the leak. One of the most basic ways to find the location of the leak is simply to walk around the house and look for water coming up through the floor. If that doesn’t seem to be happening, we listen for the sound of running water. Often, we use specialized listening devices for this. Once the leak is finally detected, we can start on repairs.

Are You in Need of Slab Leak Repair?

Part of what makes slab leaks so obnoxious is their location. The pipes are installed directly into the concrete foundation of the house, which makes them extremely difficult to get to. Often, what we have to do after isolating a slab leak is jackhammer through the concrete to get to the pipe. Once we’ve accessed the pipe and determined that it is the source of the leak, we patch or replace it and check the water meter again. If the water meter is not running after patching the leak, then we know we’ve gotten it. Then, it’s a simple matter of patching up the slab and the flooring.

Slab leaks can be pretty daunting, but with professional help they’re not so bad. Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. employs only high quality professionals, each with years of slab leak detection and repair experience. If you think you may have a slab leak, don’t ignore it. Just give us a call today, and we’ll get started restoring your plumbing to full health.