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3 Repair Issues Faced by Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are a viable alternative to more traditional models, heating the water directly as it travels towards your faucet or shower head. It offers many advantages, including lower operating costs and a never-ending supply of hot water so you’ll never run out. But like any other system, they can run into problems from time to time, and as fall turns to winter here in Glenview, IL, you’ll need to keep an eye out for such trouble. Here are 3 common repair issues faced by tankless water heaters.


Hard water is an issue here in Glenview, and as it passes through a tankless system, it can leave residue behind. The residue is harmless – mostly calcium or magnesium – but it can build up in the system. That restricts the flow of water severely and if left unaddressed can cause a cascade of trouble in your system. Talk to your technician about a water softener for your home, or schedule a maintenance session to remove the hard water build up.

Ventilation Issues

Tankless water heaters generate a lot of heat, which needs to be properly vented in order to keep from overloading the system. Clogs or back-ups can restrict the ventilation, which will cause the unit to shut down before it overheats. Again, a service session can clear out any clogs, while a repair session can fix any damaged or malfunctioning ventilation issues.


When condensation appears in the system, it can drip onto the gas burner and corrode it. This in turn will restrict the flow of gas, and reduce the efficiency of your whole system. Corrosion often occurs with poorly installed systems, and regular servicing can help prevent it from reaching a critical stage.

For repair and servicing of tankless water heaters, call the experts at Reliance Plumbing today!

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