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How to Detect a Leak

brown-pipe-springing-leakOne of the most common, and equally annoying, plumbing problems a homeowner can face is that of a leak. While some plumbing problems make themselves pretty well known right away—a lack of hot water from your water heater, a running toilet—leaks can be subtle and can even be hidden in pipes behind walls and beneath the floor.

Unfortunately, this means you may not actually know you have a leak until it’s done considerable damage, and/or when you see a huge wet spot forming on the wall or ceiling or even puddles in the yard or bathroom. While you do need a professional to pinpoint the exact location of a leak and repair it, there are fortunately signs you can watch out for that signal you may in fact have a leak. Read on to learn more about them and rely on Reliance and contact us when you need a Glenview, IL plumber!

Sign #1: Cracks in Your Foundation

If you live in an older home, it’s relatively normal to see a few cracks in your foundation–they happen over the years as your home settles. What’s abnormal though is if you see an excessive number of cracks with no obvious cause. When water leaks go undetected for too long—more specifically, slab leaks below your foundation—it causes the structural foundation of the home to weaken, and this unbalance pressure leads to cracks.

Sign #2: Increased Water Bills

Typically, homeowners know what to expect with their water bill each month. If you have been using reasonable amounts of water recently but notice increased water bills, it’s possible a leak is to blame. And the longer you ignore this issue, the more chance the leak has to grow into a bigger plumbing emergency.

Sign #3: Visible Water Damage

Water can start to pool in seemingly unusual places when you have a leak. For instance, water pooling in your yard when it hasn’t been raining and there’s no sprinkler head nearby can indicate a sewer line or main water line leak. Water collecting in the corner or near the bottom of a wall in your home can indicate that a pipe behind the drywall has a leak.

Sign #4: The Sound of Running Water

If you’re hearing running or even dripping water, but no plumbing appliances or fixtures are on at the moment, don’t brush it off. You may be hearing a leak. If you’re unsure where it’s coming from, the best thing you can do for your entire plumbing system and your home is to call our team for professional leak detecting services!

Sign #5: Mold or Mildew Growth

If you notice mildew or mold in the crevices of your home, particularly in unlikely places, you may have a leak. Leaks raise the humidity levels in your home and create an environment that’s ideal for mold growth. In extreme situations, you may even see fungus, such as mushrooms, growing inside your home near where your drywall and carpet meet if there’s a leak that has gone on for too long.

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