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Possible Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Your sewer line is charged with transporting waste from your home to the Chicago, IL public sewer system, and as such is an extremely important part of your household. The trouble is that it’s usually buried underground, which means spotting causes of problems and pinpointing the spot to make repairs can be a tricky business. The good news is that modern plumbers have a number of tricks up their sleeve to help with the problem, such as miniature video cameras that can travel the length of the pipe and get a definitive inspection. Possible causes of sewer line problems are varied, but can include the following. Once they’re identified, a trained technician can discuss the possible solution with you.


Leaks can be spotted by noting strange smells and puddles in your yards, or by watching the drop in water pressure inside your home. Higher water bills can also signal a leak in your system. They’re often caused by slow corrosion of the piping material itself, though a shift in the nearby ground due to nearby construction projects or simply yard digging can place unexpected pressure on the pipes as well. Tree and plant roots are also a common culprit since they will grow towards the sewage (read: fertilizer) and may wrap themselves around the pipe.


Clogs in sewer lines are often caused by the usual culprits: a build-up of materials in the pipes themselves which prevents the water from flowing into the civic sewer system. (We won’t get into the specifics of what those clogs are usually composed of.) Back-ups can also be caused by problems in the larger civic sewer system (which is why we recommend an automatic shut-off valve for most homes). Microroots from trees can also slip into your pipe and clog up the works as they seek out “fertilizer” to help grow.

Regardless of the causes, Reliance Plumbing can resolve your sewer line problems. Call us today!

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