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Why Should I Install an Automatic Shut-Off Valve?

If you own a home, you may have heard about the concerns of backwater in your plumbing system. In-home flooding can come from a variety of sources and while some – clogged or burst pipes, for example – are limited to your home, others lie completely beyond your control to fix. Heavy rains here in the Chicago area, coupled with other periodic issues with our sewer system, can make backwater a serious concern. The good news is that an automatic shut-off valve is easy for a professional to install and can eliminate such concerns for good. “Why should I install an automatic shut-off valve?” you ask. Read on for the answers.

The Problems

The general problem addressed by an automatic shut-off valve is leaking or flooding in your home. When the water rises in your pipes, it can quickly overflow your outlet and make for a great big mess. Not only can that damage your home, but in the case of backwater, it could bring contaminated waste into your home as well. Any pipe that flows out of your house can also potentially flow into your house, and while your system isn’t support to work like that, no system is perfect.

The Solution

An automatic shut-off valve is actually a fairly simple device, installed at the apex of your plumbing system and acting as a stop-gap against any kind of flooding. The design allows water to flow freely out of your home, but when it detects leaks, drops in temperature or abnormal pressure, the main water line shuts off and your home stays protected from any trouble. This can be a great relief not only in your day-to-day life, but when you leave your home for vacation of similarly extended periods.

If you need an automatic shut-off valve installed in your home, call Reliance Plumbing today!

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