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Signs of Trouble With Your Sewer Line

The last thing a homeowner wants to hear is trouble with their sewer line. The line is usually buried beneath the ground, and when it springs a leak or develops a clog, the results can be devastating. The good news is that modern advancements such as trenchless technology have made the problem easier to deal with, and here in Chicago, IL, qualified plumbing companies can do the job properly. But before you call them in, you have to spot the signs of trouble with your sewer line to begin with. The sooner you can do that, the better off you’ll be. Here’s a quick list of some possible signs:

  • Low or High Water Flow. If there’s a leak in the pipes, the water pressure in your home may go down. Conversely, in the event of a clog or a back-up, your sinks and toilets may drain excessively slowly, if at all.
  • Weird Smells. There’s no way around it: sewage creates bad smells. If you detect some in your yard or somewhere else where they shouldn’t be, you know you have a problem.
  • Puddles Where They Shouldn’t Be. Similarly, a leaking sewer pipe can create odd puddles in your yard, or possibly strange divots as well.
  • Greener Grass. Sewage can act as a natural fertilizer and a leak may actually make the nearby grass and plant life more healthy. If you suddenly spot a patch of shrubbery in the yard that’s much greener than the surrounding plants, it could be a sewer leak that’s feeding it.
  • Higher Bill. Leaking water means wasted water, which you’re paying for even if you don’t use it. An inexplicable spike in your water bill could mean that your sewer line is wasting water.


With our skill in trenchless technology, Reliance Plumbing can solve the trouble with your sewer line. Give us a call today!

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