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What Is Trenchless Technology?

If you haven’t experienced sewer or drain line issues, you’ve probably never heard the term “trenchless technology” before. Believe us, if you ever run into those kinds of problems, those words will sound like music to your ears. The sewer line in your home is likely buried beneath your yard, connecting your home to the greater Chicago, IL, sewer system. That keeps it somewhat protected from the wear and tear of the elements, but like any other piece of equipment, it can eventually wear out and create problems. When it does, trenchless technology can come to the rescue.

The Old Way

Before the advent of trenchless technology, fixing a sewer or drain line was a huge hassle. You had to excavate the entire line, requiring significant man hours and sometimes heavy digging equipment to do the job right. When it was done – a task that sometimes took days and considerable expense – your yard was often a shambles, necessitating another high bill in landscaping fees to restore it to its former state. The problem got fixed – if the plumber in question was sufficiently trained, that is – but it cost a lot and left a considerable mess behind.

Trenchless Technology is Superior

Trenchless technology does away with all of that. The technician can use sound detection equipment, miniature video cameras sent down the line, and other high tech tools to pinpoint the problem. Then he can implement solutions such as expandable lining to plug leaks and seal your sewer line properly. All of that requires only two small holes dug at either end of the line, and can often be completed in one day. The problem is solved, your yard isn’t damaged and the whole thing costs a fraction of what it might have in an earlier era.

If you detect problems with your sewer or drain line, call upon the experts at Reliance Plumbing for a trenchless solution!

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