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When Stopped or Slow Drains AREN’T From Clogs

Hydro-jetting-sewer-cleaningIn a recent blog post, we addressed the common question “What’s clogging up my drain?” Whenever you run into a clogged drain, you’ll probably imagine it’s something trapped in the drainpipe. This is often the case, as we went over in that post.

But clogs are not the only reason for stopped or slow drains. Other issues in the plumbing can create these drain troubles, and they often cause even worse problems for a home’s plumbing system. Extensive drain cleaning in Glenview, IL can sometimes help out. In other situations, the sewer line may need cleaning, relining, or even replacement.

Watch for problems at multiple drains

Before we look at some of the other causes of stopped and slow drains, we want to draw your attention to a key fact: if you run into more than one drain problem at once, it’s likely you have an issue deeper down in the drainage and sewage system. A single stopped or slow drain is usually because of a local blockage. More than one drain is a reason for major concern and we recommend you call us right away to investigate what’s occurring.

Blocked drain vents

Drain vents are unseen pipes in the walls of your house that attach laterally to drain pipes. The purpose of these drain vents is to allow sewer gas to escape up from the drains and through openings in the roof. This prevents sewer gas from building up and creating pressure inside the drains. If the vents become blocked, sewer gas will start to push the wrong direction up the drain pipes. This will cause slow drainage and eventually no drainage at all. If you hear gurgling sounds from the drains or notice sewer odors, drain vents may be the problem. You must have plumbers fix this—do not go up the roof to try to unblock the vents!

Excessively dirty sewer line

The sewer line that runs from your house to the municipal sewer line in the street can develop plenty of build-up over the years to the point it will back up. This will cause drain troubles starting at the lowest drains in the house (such as a basement sink). We offer full sewer line cleaning to restore your sewer line to its best condition.

Tree root infiltration

This is another sewer line issue that’s unfortunately common. Tree roots move toward areas of high nutrients, and a sewer line is an ideal source. Roots will grow into the pipe and block it. We can often solve this problem using high-pressure hydro-jetting, but the sewer line may need more extensive repairs such as a relining. 

Damaged sewer line

An old sewer line can rupture or begin leaking, and this will lead to drain trouble throughout a home—and eventually sewage backing up into the house! This requires a fast and thorough response, and our team offers trenchless sewer line repair and full sewer line replacements that will take care of this quickly and with little disruption.

Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. serves the Northshore and Northwest Chicagoland. Schedule drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, and trenchless sewer line replacement and repair with us.

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