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Signs It Is Time to Give a Plumber a Call

close-up-of-mans-hand-using-cell-phoneA lot of homeowners think any plumbing job can be a DIY-project. It’s true that in some cases this can be okay. For instance, perhaps you have a superficial clog that’s near the drain surface of your sink, and you can just eliminate it with a plunger or maybe even a drain snake.

We don’t discourage all DIY-plumbing fixes, but there are certainly times where you should call in a professional plumber in Des Plaines, IL, to avoid potential hazards or further damage to your pipes. You might even leave yourself more susceptible to problems in the future if you try to attempt plumbing work on your own. There are two plumbing issues in particular that we really advise you to give us a call for.

Deep Drain Clogs

Yes, we discourage our customers from trying to handle deep drain clogs by themselves. Sure, you may think you can just easily resolve the problem with some store-bought drain cleaning solution, but we really have to encourage against this. Drain clogs can be temporarily relieved, sure, but these drain cleaners are not truly a solution.

This is because the chemicals used in them do more than eat through a clog—they eventually eat through your pipes! Additionally, these drain cleaning “solutions” don’t actually remove the clog, just break it up a bit. So, you could find yourself facing the same clog again in a few months.

If your plumbing blockage can’t be relieved with a plunger or your own drain snake, your next best step is to call in a pro.

A Drop in Water Pressure

A drop in water pressure isn’t always a detrimental problem. For instance, if it’s only happening in one faucet, resolving it might be as easy as removing the aerator from the impacted fixture—this is a small screen at the end of the faucet opening—and cleaning it out.

However, if you notice that an entire portion of your plumbing system experienced a sudden, or even gradual, decline in water pressure, then something more is occurring. You might have a clog or obstruction deep down in the sewer line that necessitates professional drain cleaning or pipe repair.

Another possibility is that you have a leak somewhere throughout your plumbing system that is enabling water to escape behind a wall, or beneath your property—which can lead to a whole host of problems and needs to be addressed right away.

When DIY Plumbing Goes South

As we said above, we don’t discourage all DIY plumbing jobs. After all, sometimes all that is required is something such as tightening a nut when your sink is dripping or a drainpipe is leaking from a joint.

But for problems like the two we outlined above, you need a pro. Without professional service, you may wind up paying for your initial attempt at fixing the problem plus calling out a professional to fix any mistakes or anything that was missed. The best way to save yourself from this inconvenience is to contact a pro at the first sign of trouble.

For expert plumbing service, installations, or maintenance contact Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. Our knowledgeable plumbers serve the North Shore and Northwest Chicago suburbs. Rely on Reliance!

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