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The Signs That You Need to Replace Your Toilet

woman with plunger at her toilet, while on the phoneToilets are functional items, and the most attention people pay to them is to ensure they are clean. Homeowners rarely think about having to replace a toilet, because it’s easy to consider these large porcelain appliances secured to the bathroom floor as invincible. Except for a situation with catastrophic damage, why would a toilet need a replacement?

But toilets age just like any other appliance, and toilets work every day in a house. Wear and age will eventually make it necessary to replace any toilet—and sometimes it’s a good idea to replace one early because of the amount of water older models waste. 

How can you know it’s time to replace one of your toilet? We’ll look at several of the more prominent signs.

1. Clogging has become a regular problem

If you have to keep the toilet plunger handy because clogs have become a routine occurrence, it’s definitely time to consider replacing it. The problem might be down in the drains, in which case drain cleaning may solve the issue. If it’s not a drain problem, a plumber will recommend getting a new toilet.

2. Cracks in the bowl

If you notice cracking along the porcelain bowl, even small hairline cracks, it’s a good idea to call for a plumber to look into it. Look out for water dripping from the bowl, as this will lead you to locate these cracks. Water leaks will cause extensive water damage around the toilet base. Cracks can’t be effectively repaired; the toilet must be replaced instead.

3. Basic age

How long can you expect a standard bathroom toilet to last? A toilet that’s more than 20 years old is getting up there in age, and it’s likely a massive water-waster compared to getting a new toilet. Even trading out a 20+ year-old toilet for a standard model can reduce gallons per flush from 6 to 3. If you invest in a low-flow toilet or a dual-flush model, you’ll reduce water waste even more. When you consider that the toilet uses the most water of any indoor appliance, these water savings can make a significant difference on your monthly water bills.

4. Unstable toilet

If the toilet has become wobbly and doesn’t feel securely attached to the floor, the trouble may be as simple as loose screws connecting the toilet to the floor. But if this isn’t the problem, the floor beneath the toilet may be warping or rotting due to water leaks, which is a serious problem. You’ll not only need the toilet replaced but repairs done to the floor to remediate water damage. 

5. Constant repairs

This is true for most major appliances: when you have to call for repairs on a regular basis (at least once a year), it’s a signal that the appliance has worn down too far. You’ll be literally flushing away money on all these repairs for an ineffective toilet that you should invest in a replacement.

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