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24/7 Emergency Service Available

24/7 Emergency Service Available


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Plumbing Emergency? Here’s What to Do

plumbing-emergency-what-to-doIf you’re in need of a plumbing service such as a faucet upgrade, water pressure improvement, or a water softener installation, then it’s easy to just give us a call and set up an appointment. Our highly skilled and trained plumbers will often be able to schedule service with you pretty quickly and conveniently.

However, when there’s an Northbrook, IL emergency plumbing situation within your drains, pipes, or plumbing fixtures, you need someone fast. After all, it’s not like an emergency ever happens during a good time or that you actually want your home to be flooded! There are also steps you may need to take to prevent damage to your home and plumbing system in the event of an emergency, which we’ve covered below.

First, Shut Off Your Water!

This one probably comes naturally, but it bears repeating anyway—if you are experiencing an emergency leak, it’s best to get the water shut off as soon as you can. If the leak is under a sink, then there is a valve located nearby that you can shut off easily. However in some cases, you might not know where exactly the leak is coming from. Signs of a leak include:

  • The sound of rushing water under the floors.
  • Warm spots on the floor.
  • A drop in your home’s water pressure.
  • Wet or dark spots on walls or ceilings.

If this is the case, you should shut off water to the whole house before calling one of our plumbers—your main water shut-off valve is probably located near the water meter.

Clean Up the Mess

While of course it’s important to find the source of your plumbing leak and have it professionally repaired ASAP, you don’t want to neglect the mess that the plumbing emergency left behind. You may be able to prevent mold growth and/or severe property damage by cleaning up as much water as you can right after the emergency occurs.

Water damage restoration can cost thousands, so naturally you’d want to prevent as much of it as possible. Put down towels and buckets in case of additional leakage, and do some heavy-duty cleaning to reduce the stress later on. And also, you’ll want to clean up any mess that results from drainage backup or drainpipe leaks to reduce your health risks, too.

Check for Damage

Once you’ve already called a plumber to come assess your leak or burst pipe, it’s time to assess the damage—it is sometimes possible that your insurance company will not cover flooding or leaks they find preventable. However, it’s important to know what your insurance will pay for and whether they will require you to seek out quotes and an expert opinion.

Only Trust a Professional Plumber

Trusting an amateur handyman or an inexperienced plumber could leave you with more of a headache than the initial plumbing emergency caused. Be sure to give our pros a call at the first sign of plumbing trouble, even if it’s not an emergency! We’re happy to help.

For expert plumbing service, installations, or maintenance contact Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. Our knowledgeable plumbers serve the North Shore and Northwest Chicago suburbs. Rely on Reliance!

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