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Avoiding Holiday Hazards in Your Kitchen

washing-lettuce-in-kitchen-sinkAs much as we don’t want to think about it quite yet, Thanksgiving is just a short month away. Are you hosting this year? Perhaps this means you’ll be doing a considerable amount of cooking? We can’t necessarily help you with any culinary tips, but we can tell you how to treat your kitchen sink this time of the year.

There are some important factors to be aware of when you’re cooking big meals, regardless of whether or not you have a garbage disposal system, but you may even want to be more vigilant about kitchen sink care if you do have a disposal system. Remember, when you need professional help with your plumbing in Des Plaines, IL, we’re the team to call. In the meantime, read on about how to avoid some common holiday hazards.

Don’t Trust Your Garbage Disposal for Hard Food Items

Turkey bones, fruit pits, or any other hard food items do not belong down the garbage disposal! You may think the “blades” of your disposal are designed for such a purpose, but this just isn’t the case. Your garbage disposal works by using centrifugal force to break apart food items, and hard food items simply cannot break up that easily—instead these foods belong in the trash can.

Avoid Fibrous Foods, Too

This can include things like corn husks and celery stalks—These items get wrapped up in the moving parts of your garbage disposal system, and then can be damaged as the disposal struggles to continue with its regular operation.

Don’t Put Pasta, Rice, or Potato Skins down the Drain

If it’s a single potato skin or perhaps a few pieces of leftover pasta from a plate, you likely have nothing to worry about. And these items won’t damage your garbage disposal system like hard foods and fibrous materials can. But, they absorb water and expand, causing blockages.

You may be unpleasantly surprised by how clogged up and backed up your sink can get when you surprise it with too much debris—this isn’t a surprise you need before or during a Thanksgiving meal!

Be Careful with that FOG

No, we aren’t talking about water vapor. We’re talking about Fats, Oils, and Grease. This is another type of FOG that you never want to put down your kitchen sink drain. The problem is, it hardens as it cools, so if you put it down your drain, it will build up to the point that it will create clogs and subsequent backups.

The best thing you can do with FOG is poor it in a tin can or some other disposable receptacle, and then once it cools, dispose of it in the trash can. Even if you have a garbage disposal system, it’s important to remember that this device won’t help you at all with something like FOG.

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