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Is a Sump Pump Right for My Home?

Rain and snow are regular occurrences here in Chicago, and when floods come, your property can suffer a great deal. Basements and even higher floors can get filled with water, damaging the contents and requiring a huge repair effort – not to mention considerable expense – to make right again. The solution may be a sump pump installed in your basement and working to remove the water before it causes any real damage. In point of fact, a sump pump is right for any home that suffers from flood damage. Knowing more about the specifics can show you why.

How They’re Set Up

Sump pumps come in two basic models. The less expensive are platform models, which contain the pump itself on the bottom of a stand and the motor on top. That keeps the motor from being submerged by floodwaters and keeps you from having to dig a hole. But they can be quite noisy, and don’t always work as well as the other type. Submersible pumps are more expensive, but much more effective. They’re placed in a pit dug in your basement at the lowest point. It’s called a sump pit, and as the water fills it, the pump activates. It’s quieter and speedier than the pedestal version, and often more reliable to boot.

How They Work

When the pump activates, an impeller pulls the water into it, where the centrifugal force created by its spinning pulls the water up into a pipe where it exists the basement safely. It’s quite an elegant system, though like most appliances, it needs to be properly placed and have access to both electricity and an exits from the area in order to do its job.

Now is the time to install a new sump pump. Call Reliance Plumbing today to get the details.

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