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How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

If you’ve experience a problem with blockage in your plumbing, drain line or sewer line, you may have heard the term “hydro Jetting” used to describe a possible solution. It’s actually an effective and reasonably innovative means of getting rid of tough clogs, hard water build-ups and similar problems that lie deep within your plumbing. It takes a licensed and trained technician to use – the technology can be harmful without the proper technique – but otherwise it can clear out a clog quickly and efficiently without damaging your plumbing at all. Here in Glenview, IL, with anything from frozen pipes to tree roots causing problems with your plumbing, it makes for a hassle free solution. Here’s a closer look at how hydro jetting works.

The Problem

The problem with clogs deep in your pipes is that you can’t always address them properly. Plumbing snakes and similar tools do their jobs by powering through the clog, punching a hole in it for water to get though. It fixes the problem, but it’s often only temporary, and the sludge it leaves behind can soon clog the drain again. Snakes are also less efficient against partial clogs, which may not be causing many problems now, but have the potential to in the future.

Hydro Jetting is the Solution

Hydro jetting utilizes a long length of hose fitted with a specialized head designed to spray water in a 360-degree angle throughout the length of your pipe. The plumber first investigates the clog with a small video camera to determine its make-up, then connects the hydro-jetting head to a hose. The head matches the specific needs of the clog. It’s placed in the pipe and slowly fed forward: self-propelling thanks to the water and totally efficient. When the plumber is done, the clogs have fully vanished and the whole length of the pipeline is clean.

For more on hydro jetting, call the props at Reliance Plumbing, Sewer and Drainage today!

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