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Heed These Signs You Need Toilet Repair

toiletDo you know what part of your plumbing system gets the most use every day? If you guessed your water heater, you’re probably right.

Okay, do you know the part of your plumbing system that gets the second most use every day? Your toilet! And it’s a plumbing appliance that you really need to be able to rely on, right? But when you use an appliance like this every day, it’s naturally going to accumulate wear and tear, and eventually, you will need some kind of repair, no matter how minor.

Fortunately, the pros from Reliance are here for you when that happens. But how do you know when to give us a call? You’d need to know the signs that your toilet is in trouble. Read on to learn what a few of these signs are!

Your Toilet Just Keeps Running

We’re really tempted to insert a really bad joke about how “you better go catch it” here… but we’ll resist.

The thing is, is your toilet keeps running out of water to the point that it’s constantly refilling, and you hear it running either continuously or every few minutes—but you haven’t flushed it recently—then there is a problem. This is typically caused by an aging flapper that can no longer do its job.

The flapper is the rubber seal that separates the tank and the bowl of your toilet. When you flush your toilet, the flush valve pulls up a chain that’s attached to the flapper. While the flapper is lifted, the water rushes out of the tank in order to refill the bowl after the flush.

If the seal is worn out or the flapper is warped—which can happen after several years of use—then you’ll hear water running pretty consistently.

You Have Leaks Occurring

There is a large wax seal beneath your toilet that disallows water and waste that gets flushed down your toilet from leaking out. This seal closes up the base of your toilet to the large drain pipe below it. Over the years, this wax seal can dry out and cause water to leak from the toilet.

Unfortunately, not only can this water leak into your bathroom, but beneath the floor of your bathroom, creating what’s called a slab leak. If you discover water collecting around your toilet, please call us for repairs immediately! This is not only a potential for property damage, but it can be unsanitary and subsequently unhealthy, as well.

You’re Experiencing Frequent Toilet Clogs

It’s time to call a professional plumber if your toilet keeps clogging. Frequent clogs can sometimes be caused by something getting flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t have—this can include toys, paper towels, washcloths, and other items. Other times, clogs can be caused by a pressure imbalance within your plumbing system, preventing the water from properly flowing down the drain and into the sewer system.

When you need professional toilet repair in Glenview, IL, look no further than Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. Contact us today!

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