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Common Problems With Grease Traps

A grease trap goes into the drain line of a commercial sink, and is designed to catch fat and oil as it pours down the drain. Grease can cause huge problems with your plumbing if you’re not careful. It’s liquid at high temperatures, but will solidify as it cools in the pipes, creating a clog and causing a serious backlog. Ideally, you should never pour hot fat or grease down the drain, but that may not be possible in a restaurant setting or similar business. The grease trap takes the worry out of it, allowing your Chicago, IL business to continue uninterrupted.

But sometimes, the grease traps themselves constitute the problem. When they do, you can rely on a professional plumber to get it fixed. It helps if you can identify some of the common problems with grease traps, and make sure they are addressed promptly.


The most obvious symptom of a grease trap problem is the very issue it’s supposed to prevent: a back-up in the sink. It could mean that the grease trap is no longer separating the hot grease and fat the way it should, or it may be that a breach in the trap is allowing unwanted material to slip through the drain. This might not happen suddenly; a minor issue may only cause small amounts to slip out, building up over time rather than immediately creating a problem.

Repair or Replace

In most cases, a trained plumber can fix the problem and get the grease trap functioning the way it should. If your grease trap is older, however, or is experiencing multiple problems, then a full-bore replacement may be in order. Either way, the plumber needs to move quickly and effectively, in order to keep the problem from interfering with your business.

Reliance Plumbing handles grease trap installation and repair throughout Chicago, IL, so give us a call today!

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