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Common Bathroom Plumbing Troubles You’ll Need Help With

Modern bathroomBathrooms contain the highest concentration of plumbing pipes and fixtures in a house. Consider how much is compressed into this space: a sink, a faucet, a toilet, a bathtub or shower (sometimes both), supply lines for the fixtures and multiple drainpipes to remove wastewater. Bathroom plumbing can run into a range of issues, and you won’t be able to DIY most of them. They’ll require the knowledge and tools of professionals.

Below are a few of the most common troubles you may run into with the plumbing in your bathroom that will probably require a plumber in Winnetka, IL to correctly repair.

Drain clogs from hair and/or soap scum

Drain clogs can occur in any drain in the house, and kitchen drains can suffer from obstinate clogs due to food waste and solidified grease. The drains in a bathroom—the sink and shower/tub—are most susceptible to slow drainage or complete clogging due to hair and soap scum. Both are difficult to fully remove with tools like plungers or drain snakes (and chemical cleaners are out of the question, especially with soap scum because this combination can create a corrosive chemical reaction). The best way to unclog and restore these drains is with professional drain cleaning to scour the interiors.

A toilet that won’t stop running

Almost everyone has run into this problem at some point: a toilet that keeps running long after the most recent flush. There are various causes of this, and sometimes you can fix it yourself by jiggling the handle or making sure the flapper has fully closed. In other cases, you’ll need plumbers to replace decaying flappers or fix worn-out gaskets that are allowing water to continually flow from the tank to the tub.

Leaking sink

Have you noticed water dripping into the cabinet beneath the sink? This could be due to a leaking p-trap (the curved pipe section under the drain), cracks in the sink material, loose caulking around the drain, or deteriorating caulking at the edge of the sink. Plumbers can provide the repair, which could be small or may require replacing the sink.

Sewer odors

You keep your bathroom clean and fresh, so when sewer odors intrude you will definitely notice. The trouble might be a dry p-trap, although this will only happen if the bathroom hasn’t been used in a week or more (such as during a vacation). But it may also be from a decaying toilet ring, blocked drain vents, or a clog deeper down in the drain system that hasn’t caused clogs yet. Have plumbers investigate because these odors can warn of a major problem ahead. 

Leaking faucets

A dripping faucet can be a big annoyance and it wastes more water than you might expect. If just tightening the faucet head doesn’t fix the problem, the faucet seals may be worn down. A dripping faucet can also warn of high water pressure in the house. Call plumbers to see what can be done if the leaky faucet won’t stop.

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