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3 Ways to Detect a Slab Leak

A slab leak is a significant problem in your home, mostly because it can be very difficult to access or detect. The problem arises when a pipe built into the foundation of your house, under a concrete patio or similar inaccessible spot, springs an otherwise ordinary leak. Modern plumbers can use advanced technology to pinpoint the leak and make repairs, but the main problems come with detecting it. The longer a slab leak goes, the more damage it causes, and while Chicago, IL has its share of quality plumbers, they can’t do much good if you don’t know how to spot the signs of trouble when they arise. Here are 3 ways to detect a slab leak that can save you a great deal.

1.     Spikes in Your Water Bill

The easiest way to spot a slab leak is to follow the money, in this case quite literally. If your water bill experiences a strange spike in costs, particularly if you haven’t run the water any more than usual, then it usually indicates a leak. And if the leak can’t be readily spotted, it tends to point to a problem in a hidden pipe, such as a slab leak.

2.     Noises

Running water makes noise, and in fact forms one of the ways modern plumbers can detect slab leaks: high-tech sound detectors. Homeowners probably don’t have access to that sort of equipment, but it doesn’t mean you can’t notice sounds of drips, trickles or running water on your property with no apparent source.

3.     Puddles and Spots

If you’re lucky, the slab leak will create a puddle or moist spot where none should exist, pointing a sign right at the source of the trouble. Even if there’s no overt moisture, you can still spot a slab leak by noticing warm or cold spots on your concrete, where the leaking water beneath it has altered the temperature.

If you detect a slab leak, then call the plumbers at Reliance Plumbing right away!

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