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3 Common Concerns with Commercial Plumbing

Business owners and office managers in Chicago, IL have a lot more worrying to do about their plumbing than residents of private homes do. At home, if a pipe leaks or a toilet experiences problems, you can simply do without it until a plumber arrives to fix it. In a commercial setting, a plumbing problem can severely impact your business, making it harder for your employees to do their job and reducing customers’ enjoyment of your space. When you call in a plumber, you need someone who understands the differences between commercial plumbing and residential plumbing, and can respond accordingly. Here are 3 common concerns with commercial plumbing that any technician you summon should understand.

1.     Higher Demand

At home, you have only a few sinks and toilets, serving a handful of people. But in a commercial space, you may have many more, designed to serve dozens or even hundreds of people every day. Higher demand means more complex plumbing, and also a greater chance of a breakdown in any given section at any time.

2.     The Need for Expediency

As we said above, a commercial plumbing problem needs to be corrected as quickly as possible before your business is affected. A broken toilet, for instance, limits people’s options when they need to use the restroom: a less-than-ideal situation for employee and customer alike. That means a good plumber needs to move quickly to keep you from losing money, while still ensuring that the job gets done right.

3.     Higher Stories

Office buildings often have multiple stories, with bathrooms and even kitchens on upper floors as well as lower ones. That brings gravity into the equation, which can cause all manner of mischief that a plumber needs to be able to deal with.

If you’re a business owner or an office manager with commercial plumbing issues, call the professionals at Reliance Plumbing right away!

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