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Plumbing Maintenance in Chicago, IL by Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc.

When you think of home maintenance, you probably think of keeping all areas (relatively) clean, keeping an eye on the age of your roof, cleaning windows, painting and staining surfaces, and taking care of minor repairs here and there. There’s no shortage of things to do around the house for the homeowner! However, one aspect of home maintenance that you may not think of very often is the plumbing system.

Because of how essential your supply pipes and drainpipes, water and sewer lines, water heaters and other equipment are to your daily activities around the house, you’ll want to keep them in good working order. We offer exceptional plumbing maintenance services throughout the greater Glenview, IL area. Let us make sure that all aspects of your plumbing system are in good working order, whether that means cleaning out your drain and sewer or keeping your water heater efficient and effective.

For outstanding plumbing maintenance in Glenview, IL, call the plumbers at Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc.. 

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What Can We Do for Your Plumbing System?

Our team of plumbers is highly trained to deal with a wide range of activities. We can make certain that your entire plumbing system works well for many years by keeping it clean and inspecting it on a regular basis. Let us take care of your plumbing system so that you can worry about other things. Here are some things that we can do for you.

  • Water heater flushing. If you own and operate a tank water heater, then you may already know how important it is that your water heater be regularly flushed. Over time, sediment can build up inside the tank, and when this becomes substantial enough, it can cause the water heater to overheat the water, which can be potentially dangerous. Moreover, it can affect the overall longevity of the system as well.
  • Drain and sewer cleaning. One of the most important things that you can do for your plumbing system is take care of its drains and the sewer line. We can make sure that your drainpipes are thoroughly cleaned out so that wastewater flows smoothly out of the household. Keeping your sewer line clean is also critical because a clog therein can slow down the entire home’s plumbing.
  • Full home plumbing inspection. Whether you’re considering buying a home and want to know the status of its plumbing system, or you want to have your own home inspected regularly so that you can catch any issues before they grow into problems, we can help you.

Benefits of Routine Plumbing Maintenance

One of the most important benefits of routine care for your plumbing system is simply that it will work better. You may find that your drains move faster, that your home smells better, and that you don’t have as much to worry about when it comes to future plumbing problems. Let us take care of your drain and sewer system, water heater and the various piping, valves, sump pumps, and garbage disposal units that comprise your plumbing. Call Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. for exceptional plumbing maintenance in Chicago.