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Sewer Replacement Services in Glenview, IL

The sewer line that collects the waste from around the various drains and toilets in your home runs in a trench underneath your lawns, gardens, and walkways. From the point where the sewer line exits your house until it crosses the property line to connect with the sewer main in the middle of the street, it is your responsibility to care for as the homeowner. Should something occur with the sewer line, such as decay from age, you must arrange with a professional plumbing contractor to replace the line for you.

Although there are many plumbing companies in the area that offer sewer replacement services, they are not all equal in the quality of the work they provide and the speed at which they can perform it. When you contact Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. for your sewer line replacement, you’ll have experienced plumbers with the best equipment available to see the job is not only done well, but that it leaves your property looking as untouched as possible afterwards.

If you need sewer replacement in Glenview, IL, call on the experienced team at Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. to schedule the work.

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Reasons You May Need Sewer Replacement

Because of the large amount of work that a sewer system for a home must do every single day, a sewer pipeline is constructed to be highly durable. A copper pipeline, which is the main material used for pipe construction today, should last for decades.

However, if you have a pipe made from older material, such as galvanized steel (common for homes built pre–1970) or cast iron (homes older than World War II), then corrosion will eventually set in and ruin the sewer line. If you have a home of this vintage, you should seriously consider have the sewer line replaced now, before the inevitable decline.

But copper pipes may need replacement as well. Shifting ground can place a strain on the pipe and break it, chemicals from inside can lead to specific types of corrosion that affect copper, and the infiltration of tree roots can inflict serious damage the point is better the replace the pipe rather than repair it.

Why You Need Professional Sewer Line Replacement

You only need to think about the length of your sewer line and the depth at which it is buried to understand why neither you nor an amateur plumber can hope to replace the line on your own. But there is more to sewer line replacement than simply hiring licensed plumbers. You should look for a company that offers trenchless sewer line replacement services. This is a technology that bypasses the traditional, but slow and destructive, method of opening up a large trench across the property to reach the pipe. Trenchless technology only needs to dig one of two small holes, and the process requires hours rather than days to complete.

Contact Us to Service or Replace Your Sewer Line

Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. is glad to offer trenchless sewer line replacement services. If you have concerns about the sewer line and aren’t sure if you should have new one put in, get in touch with our team and they will handle pipe inspections that will give you the information you need to make the right choice regarding your home’s sewer line.